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Would you like to just be able to start your Yoga course, with nothing but a click? Guess what.. The time is here. 100s of videos from personal yoga trainers have combined their knowledge and have sold out their Yoga tutorials to We can now offer a comprehensive platform with hours of training and fun.

Start your Yoga journey today for only 29€ each 14th day. Our platform is secured with SSL so no one can enter your data. Read more about our terms & conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy here on the website.

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With YoCourse, you can enter your Zen whenever you want to. Just login to your YoCourse platform and view the 100’s of videos on demand, with the teacher you want to watch. Both possibilities for beginners to high trained yoga masters. Start your journey today.
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Are you stressed at your job? Are you on a weekend holiday and need to relax, but you are not able to find a yoga course near you? Why waste tons of money on expensive yoga classes, when you can use YoCourse wherever you are. Download the movies in offline mode, so even when you are in the deep forest you can take a training course.
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if you are already practicing yoga, or considering it.. Settle down and see, how much does the average Yoga class cost, and how far do you have to travel? And do you really want to be hung up at exactly the same time two times at week. With YoCourse, you can do it exactly when and where you want to.


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